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 Household moving companies.
 Household moving companies.

The moving industry is inproving. I have to give a thumps up for those companies that are trying. 

Some a very small molecule of household moving companies are shady.

The stories I could tell you, well here's one that's in mind a  moving company would abuse the holding of furniture until geting over paid for bogus charges added to the bill. 

They held all the furniture everything the babies crips the kids stuff all everything until they extorted money from them. You know the right thing would have been to release everything, they were already paid in full.  But you know the temptation to rip people off was just to overwhelming  and of course there mad at me for telling the truth even to the extent of trying to make me look as bad as them by false accusations that are not true. You should just be a little deligent when moving your household and handing over all your worldly belongings to strangers that use false good ratings that are paid for not real. A good thing to do is word of mouth if someone you know had a good experience, most likely you should too.


Another thing to be careful of when hiring specialty movers, a few moving companies who could not make it as a household goods mover, they just could't make the grade, so they try to move into the specialty moving company business which they have no ideal what there doing and you as the consumer get cut off by surprise when they try to do something for you and they can't do it.  Then you have to call a real specialty moving company like Tom's Movers. com Aka Tom's Moving nad storage. com Aka Toms Gym Movers. com  Remember this number when you need this type of speciaty service. Save yourself from the stress and headaches.  Call or texts us:  1-818-464-5504

My recent encounter with a business
My recent encounter with a business

My recent encounter with this business foundation



for breast cancer research

I receceived a request to move a scanner to a second floor of a medical facility.

Well I was given the weight of the machine which was 1300 pounds, which is reasonable but they would not provide me a pic of the machine, which does help when your giving a quote, but no they would only provide me with the dimensions. so I fig hay we have equipment that can move 1300 pounds up a flight of stairs easley. Well not so easy when the building is old, the address I was given showed up on google maps as a newer building not so, it's not a newer building, its an older building with stairs that can only take one person at a time going up and down with a sharp turn at the top of the stairway. Surely you cannot take 1300 pounds up these stairs let alone 1300 pounds plus six crew members, no way jose.  I explained to them I cannot do this job. No one could take this machine up those stairs, the stairs cannot take the weight. plus the front door is really small it would be very hard to get a fork lift in a small doorway and you might have to cut the balcony. Well this job is outside the scope of my expertise. Which I explained to them once I saw the machine and the stairs. We do a lot of heavy jobs, like we move hospital beds for the american disabled veterans. I believe honesty is the best policy, if we cannot do a job we will let you know it. I mean moving $100000 scanner to a second floor by hoisting it up, where not the ones to do this type of job. 

The company that delivered this scanner to the location saw this job site before they delivered the scanner I dont know why they didnt tell me the stairs couldent handle the weight of the scanner. I mean seriously.  I showed up with 6 man crew with equipment, I dident charge them one dim and refunded there deposit. 

They had the nerve to complain about me. Well i'm not happy when someone lies about me. It Should be called DR. Susan Hate Foundation. We're we tell lies there's no truth in us. If you think you can just tell lies about everybody and you think there's no one wacthing, your so wrong, God is watching. It's not what go'es into the body that defiles a person, but what comes out.

I tried to help, but I could not, I know my mother would have wanted me to try and help out, I would be scared she would haunt me, I mean this is an italian women who scared me out of anerexeria I had as a teenager seriously I had anerexeria as a teen, my mother told me you better eat or i'm going to kill you. When your italian Roman Catholic mother says she will kill you, you better believe it. Anerexeria didnt stand a chance against her, Anerexeria all gone. Italians have a cure.


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